Release 0.3.2 Changes

Editing Panel

Most people know how to handle generic word processors as long as these tools somehow resemble the graphical user interfaces they are used to work with. This is why a minimalistic point and click interface has now been integrated into the editing form. The GUI does not support all of Pie's formatting rules, though, but just a selected subset of the most frequently used features.

The functionality of the GUI is based on JavaScript, an unfamous scripting language known for its incompatibility regarding its capabilities throughout different platforms and implementations. The GUI is known to fully work with Firefox 1.0 and later, as well as with Internet Explorer to a limited extend. Still, it is based on JavaScript instead of employing most modern browsers' extended editing capabilities for two reasons: First, such proprietary features would fork even more incompatibilities and required myriads of different codes, one for each available browser. Second, the browsers' built-in editors produce HTML-code that would have to be translated back into Wiki-code.

Page Template Support

Users can now choose from a list of local templates when creating new pages. This allows for pages based on the same template resulting in (somewhat) the same layout and structure of a page. Templates are meant to be guidelines. Users can still delete and ignore unwanted parts of the template and even ignore the offered code altogether. The list of available templates, being entirely content sensitive and specific to the covered project, must be maintained locally, that is, administrators have to create the templates (snipsets of Wiki-code, actually) and place them in the system's template directory.

Customized Code Environments

A feature to explicitely customize a limited environment of code, Customized Code Environments offer a technique to apply CSS-rules only to a selected portion of the page. The effect is similar to the use of the class-selector introduced in release 0.3.1, but now stretches over DIVs, the latter of which being defined through classes, IDs as well as local statements.

Minor Changes

Session handling
The session handler did not terminate pending sessions correctly. This has been fixed.
Action selector
Authenticated users may display a pull-down menu to trigger all available actions for the currectly displayed page.
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