Pie Web M{a,e}sher

"Life is a dung pie from which you take a bite every day"

- French proverb

What Is Pie?

Pie is just another web-based content composition and management environment using the idea of collaborate editing and sharing, an idea that has been taken to great extends lately by a crusade called Wiki. Although so-called content management systems existed long before, employing both, proprietary as well as standardized means, the Wiki mythos pushed this effort even farther. As with XML, another internet hype, and one that is still based many illusions upon (careless marketing strategists and clueless mortals have conventionalized XML to be one of those black magic three-letter acronyms that, if inhaled properly, is able to cook coffee, change your kid's nappies and, all things considered, makes you a better human being once you've accepted it and freely offer it your untainted soul), Wikis more and more come to the public's attention and you clearly classify yourself as an outsider if you do not embrace the new technology's blessing.

A project's or idea's popularity shares its symptoms with economic growth: once it is unleashed upon the populace, grapping and holding their and all bystanders' attention, it can not be stopped anymore until, of course, the climax is reached and everyone turns away, bored to death.

Nevertheless, Pie is another attempt to bore people willing to pay attention, offering its services freely and obendiently to those who are willing to accept them.

What Can It Be Used For?

Pie has been designed to be tasty and can be served with a variety of ingredients. Basically, it serves you by gladly feeding upon your mental output, this being mostly text, but also graphics, music, programs and other intellectual property.

Before you build up your illusions right away, at the very start, it should be mentioned that Pie is unable to cook coffee. This fact cannot be stressed and overemphasized enough. Being a content management system, Pie does lots of things for you, but it certainly can't cook coffee. If this was one of your basic requirements, you may cut off here, right now, and go for a secretary instead. (Hopefully, you didn't take this barking of your shin too seriously. Yet, it might have saved you a lot of time, if properly prepared coffee really was what you were looking for.)

Imagine, just for a moment, that you'd like to collect your thoughts, on any conceivable matter. You could handle this the conventional way by writing them down in your diary. Still, you are a modern person, always having preferred to employ technology whereever you can. Consequently, you foreclosed, of course, to make use or your PC's text processing features, thus being able to edit, cut and paste, and move around and modify your text in whatever manner and as often as you like.

Let us take this scenario one step farther: you not only want to be able to manage your thoughts at home or at work, but virtually everywhere and anytime. Sure, you can use a laptop for this purpose. However, being a social being, you want others to participate and take in (or even contribute to) your ideas - again, anytime and everywhere, as long as the participants have access to moderate 20's century technology. You may send your data and files back and forth, using e-mail, or you could even rely on more sophisicated technology, like CVS, or you could make use of your proprietary publishing software's distributed auto-update feature to spread your latest thoughts to remote clients, the participants, anywhere in the Net. Alternatively, you might rely on one of the Net's most accepted means: the Web. Doing so, not only enables you to refrain from ugly, expensive, proprietary software, but also connects you, and those with whom you intend to share your intellectual propery, using a simple, standardized means.

Tell Me More

Just guessing: you are probably not interested in any more philosophy and have already grasped the underlying idea of web-sharing documents, don't you? You would like to see the prudent facts now. To do so, you are advised to go through Pie's technical documentation. For the patient reader, there is also some text on Pie's basic concept as well as a brief summery of its features.

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